Friday, March 12, 2010

Chicken Bacon Mushroom Fajitas

Let me start out by saying I love the hell out of ANYTHING Chicken Bacon and Mushroom it's the best combination ever even better with Cheese yummy! I started out with these two things a Samuel Adams and Fajita seasoning.

I cut up the chicken and covered in it lime juice, lime, garlic, fajita seasoning and a little Canola Oil and I let it sit in the refrigerator over night.

I then added the beer and let it sit while I prepared the other things :)

Bell peppers plus onions sprayed in Canola Oil and seasoned with black pepper and fajita seasoning. I had forgot about the mushrooms at this point haha.

Get your bacon out and ready to go in the oven I'm sure you can guess what I flavored it with :D

Throw Chicken and Lime mixture into the pan for some browning. The only big pan I had at that time clean was a Wok so I used it.

Side items: Tomato, Limes, Lettuce and Jalapenos.

I'm working so hard haha

It's worth it though look at that yummyness!

You can tell I'm tired for sure but I was starving by that point!

Tasty tasty I was very excited to eat I threw a handful of Cheese on top of it right at the end of cooking time.

All the fixings Cheese, Flour Tortillas, Whole Grain Tortillas

Just for fun the Honey Nut Cherrio's I ate the other night super late with strawberries and bananas holy mother of pregnancy those were so delicious!

Thanks for looking guys I appreciate the time and every single comment :))

Veggie & Steak Kabobs

Okay okay so I must start out by saying my mom did prepare MOST of this meal. I was kinda her side chef haha. I was going to make it but this pregnancy is kicking my booty!

The steaks were marinated in a 24oz can of Modelo Especiale for quite a while for tender-ness :) I cut up the mushrooms and bell peppers and shoved them on the end of the skewers and sprayed them with pam and everything was COVERED in Montreal Steak Seasoning NomNomNom let me tell you. If you somehow haven't tried it you must!

Got those babies on the grill ready to go.. I was so hungry by this point hah!

Almost done!

And completed!

Then overall finished product. Kabobs, Salad, Rolls & Butter yummy!
Well that's it for now loves this was really more of a picture post then anything else I already have another one coming up for you though :)